When you set goals, you stay in the game, you keep budgeting. It's that simple. It doesn't matter if your ambition is to finally pay your electric bill on time, or pay for your next car in cash. It's your budget, and reaching goals always feels good.

Goal Types

There are five types of goals: three for spending categories and two for your Credit Card Payment categories.

Spending Categories

  • A Target Category Balance goal has you set aside money until you have a certain amount available.
  • A Target Category Balance by Date goal does the same thing, but sets a target date as well.
  • A Monthly Funding goal sets a target amount to budget to a category each month.

Credit Card Payment categories

  • Pay Off Balance by Date goals calculate a monthly amount to budget in order to pay off your credit card debt by a certain date. The amount will adjust if you are making slower or faster progress than your original plan!
  • Pay Specific Amount Each Month goals help you budget a certain amount toward your debt each month, without having a target payoff date in mind.

Creating a Goal

Select the category for you goal.
In the Inspector, click Create a Goal
Select the type of goal.
Fill in the details of your goal.
You’re done! Click OK.

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