Direct Import Troubleshooting

Direct Import is amazing. But there are quite a few moving parts under that hood, and sometimes they need an adjustment.

Establishing an Initial Connection

If you can't connect initially, here are a few quick things to try:

  • Make sure you have the correct financial institution selected.
  • Log into your institution directly, and then immediately try to reconnect in YNAB.
  • If your password happens to contain a pipe “|”, tilde “~”, or bracket "<" or ">" character in it, try removing that and attempt to re-connect.
  • If your password is longer than 32 characters, try shortening your password.
  • In most cases, the default language for your online banking platform must be set to English.

I just connected, but nothing has imported yet

Transactions will be imported from your bank no more than 12 hours after they clear; this import must be triggered from the web app. Your bank may hold a transaction as “pending” for 24 hours or more, even if the transaction is shown in your account online. 

When you see a number next to the import button, for example “Import (3)”, you’ll know you have transactions ready.

Currently, Investment accounts and many Liability accounts such as mortgages will only import a starting balance, and manual adjustments will need to be made after that point.

If you have transactions that you know have cleared your bank but are still not being imported, you can try re-establishing that connection to your bank:

Hover over the name of the Account and click the edit icon.
Click the edit icon to the right of "Use your bank login to import transactions"
Enter your online banking username and password.

Give it a day or two and see if you're able to import those transactions that have cleared your bank.

My connection has stopped importing

If your Direct Import Connection worked at one point but has stopped importing transactions, you can try deleting the previous connection entirely and starting again. This may resolve an issue if your account is “stuck” (that's the technical term) in an error state.

Here are the steps to do that:

Hover over the name of the Account and click the edit icon.
Uncheck the box next to "Use your bank login to import transactions" (or click the 'disconnect' button).
Click Ok. At this point, it’s best to wait one hour before continuing to the next step (even light-speed servers need time to sync up).
In the meantime, clear your browser’s cache, using directions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer.

Clear my what?!

Your browser’s cache is its memory – this step ensures that everything gets re-set, fresh and new, though that does include browsing history and other information you might store in your browser, like auto-fill items.

Hover over the account name and click the edit icon.
Recheck the box next to "Use your bank login to import transactions" (or click the 'connect' button if you see one) and follow the prompts.

My bank isn't listed

We are not currently able to support Direct Import for banks outside the US or Canada. Check out File-Based Import, and of course our mobile apps for easy on-the-go entry!

Check the Nifty Status Page!

You can always see YNAB's  status page for a connection status on the top 20 largest institutions. 

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