Direct Import Troubleshooting

Direct Import is amazing. But there are quite a few moving parts, and sometimes they need an adjustment.

Establishing an Initial Connection

If you can't connect initially, here are some things to try:

  • Make sure you have the correct financial institution selected by double checking the URL.
  • Log in to your institution directly and navigate to your accounts. Then, try to re-connect in YNAB.
  • Right now, we can't support passwords that happen to contain a pipe “|”, tilde “~”, or bracket "<" or ">" character. If you update your password to remove those characters, you should be able to connect.
  • If your password is longer than 32 characters, try shortening your password.
  • If you're using a Password Manager, make sure to try entering your log in credentials manually.
  • In most cases, the default language for your online banking platform must be set to English.

Give it a little time.

There's a lot going on under the hood to get you connected, so issues often clear up on their own within a few hours. If you haven't been able to connect for more than 24 hours, write to us at We'll work with our Direct Import partner to get you squared away. We'll need to know the full name of your bank and the URL you use to log in. Oh, and tell us you've already tried the steps above, so we don't ask you do that. 😉

I'm connected, but no transactions imported.

Transactions will be available to import no more than 12 hours after they clear your bank. Your bank may hold a transaction as “pending” for a day or two, even if the transaction is shown in your account online. 

When you see a number next to the Import button, you’ll know you have transactions ready to import for that account. You'll need to trigger this import from the web app by clicking that Import button.

Currently, most Investment and Liability accounts – such as loans and mortgages – will only import a starting balance. Manual adjustments will need to be made after that point to keep your balance accurate.

If transactions have cleared your bank more than 12 hours ago, and are still unable to be imported, send a message to We'll need to know the name of your bank and the URL for their log in page.

My connection stopped working.

If your Direct Import connection has been working just fine, but all of a sudden stopped importing transactions, the first thing to do is log into your financial institution's website. There might be a roadblock type of alert you need to acknowledge – or their site might be down.

Remove the Connection

If you can log in to your financial institution's website and navigate to your accounts just fine, the next step is to remove the connection and then re-connect your account(s).

Give it a little time.

If you still can't connect after 24 hours, use the Send a Message button below or email Be sure to include the name of your bank and the URL for their log in page – and let us know you already tried removing the connection!

My bank isn't listed.

We are not currently able to support Direct Import for all banks – especially those outside the US or Canada. Check out File-Based Import, and of course our mobile apps for easy on-the-go entry!

Check the Nifty Status Page!

You can always see YNAB's status page for a connection status on the top 20 largest institutions.

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