Referral Program

Once your YNAB subscription starts, you'll see an option to  Share YNAB, Get YNAB Free in the lower-left corner of the web app. The bottom left corner of this budget reads Love why-nab? Pay it forward.*Please note: the phrasing may be different in your budget - we tend to change up the wording, but it will always appear in that lower, left-hand corner. 

If you don't see it, here are a few reasons that may explain why:

  • Your subscription hasn't started yet.
    If you subscribed before the end of your free trial, you won't actually be charged until you've used all your free time. At that point, your subscription will start—and you'll see the option to Share YNAB!
  • Your subscription is managed by Apple.
    If you subscribed to YNAB on an iPhone or iPad, your subscription is managed by Apple. It pains us to say it, but that means we don't have the ability to add free time to your account. That's why you won't see the Share YNAB link. But we hope you'll still share the YNAB love!
  • The YNAB Toolkit is hiding it.
    If you've installed the (unofficial) YNAB Toolkit browser extension, you might accidentally have the Referral Banner hidden. All you need to do is click the YNAB Toolkit icon in your browser menu bar, select Open Settings, and turn off the setting called Hide Referral Banner.
  • You're on the mobile app.
    The referral link isn't currently available in the mobile app. Instead, use this direct Referral Program link to open up Safari or another browser app. Log in and you'll land on the Referral Program dashboard!

Your Dashboard

You can invite your friends by either sending them an email or copying your referral link to share wherever you'd like!

The referral form has 4 options for pre-written messages to share, or you can click the orange button to copy your link.

As long as your friend or family member uses your referral link to sign up, you'll both receive a free month of YNAB if they subscribe. The free month will automatically be added to both of your accounts once their subscription starts (at the end of their free trial).

We’ll even keep track of your friends who sign up and subscribe—and there's no limit!

A list of referrals shows who has been invited (grey), who has signed up for a trial (orange) and who has subscribed (green).

If your friend forgot to use your link—or if you forgot to use your friend's link—send a quick email to [email protected] with both the referral and referee email addresses, and we'll get you both squared away!

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