Credit Card Payments on Mobile

There are two ways to record a payment to your credit card. You can enter it or import it—or both, actually. Either way, the payment transaction needs to be entered as a transfer.

Entering a Credit Card Payment

Tap Accounts and choose the credit card account.
Tap the Add Transaction (+) icon.
Enter the amount of the payment. Tap the toggle to turn it green—which means it's an inflow to the credit card account.
Tap the Payee field and choose a Transfer Account. The options are listed at the very top, or right below the  Near You section if you use Geo Payees. Select the account from which the payment was (or will be) made.
Your last step is to tap Save Transaction.

(You'll notice some visual changes in the app since this video was recorded, but the method remains the same!)

Imported Credit Card Payments

For linked accounts, credit card payments will import once they clear. If it's the first payment between two particular accounts, YNAB won't know to make it a transfer. That is, unless you enter the payment first—using the steps above—which allows them to automatically match up when the cleared transaction imports.

If a credit card payment imports as regular transaction, here's how to make it a transfer:

Open up the transaction that imported.
Tap the Payee field to change it to the appropriate Transfer Account.
Now you can Save Transaction.

Now you'll see one side of the transfer in each account. If you've already imported the payment in the other account, it should have matched up and just need approval. Going forward, as long as your bank uses the same payee for payments, YNAB will know to make it a transfer automatically. All you'll need to do is approve the match!

Tap the payee field of an imported credit card payment to change it to a Transfer payee. It will match with the other side of the transfer and need approval.

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