Budget Settings on Mobile

Tap the settings icon on the bottom right to access your budget settings and your YNAB account settings.  From this tab you can also open a different budget, make a fresh start, or access support.  

Budget Settings

The Budget Settings page allows you to edit the basics of your budget.✏️

To Change:

  • Budget Name: tap on the current name of your budget and enter a new name.  
  • Currency: tap on the Currency option and choose your currency from the list that pops up.  
  • Number Format: tap on the current format and choose your preferred number format.  
  • Currency Placement: select the appropriate placement of the currency marker or choose "Don't Display".  
  • Date Format: tap on the current date format and choose your preferred format.

You can also delete your budget from this page - but be careful to ensure you're deleting the correct budget!🙅🏼 Once budgets are deleted they are no longer available and you aren't able to recover the budget.

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