Working With Accounts on Mobile

Budget vs. Tracking

Budget Accounts

Budget Accounts are accounts that fund your budget categories 💵  If you spent money from a Budget Account, you would need to notify the Budget about this spending.

Information is sent from Budget Accounts to the Budget through the Budget Category column that appears in Budget Accounts (say that five times fast!). This is true for both income and spending.

These are examples of Budget Accounts:

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Line of Credit

Tracking Accounts

Tracking Accounts are added primarily to track their progress. 📈 You may make payments to these accounts, but these accounts do not provide money to fund your budget - they typically have limited activity.

These accounts are NOT a part of your budget or spending plan. Money transferred from a Budget Account to a Tracking Account is an outflow (usually an expense) for budget purposes; money transferred from a Tracking Account to an On-Budget Account is an inflow (usually income) for budget purposes.

Categories exist and are used only within the Budget, and because a Tracking Account is not part of the Budget, neither outflows nor inflows to this account need a category. In fact, the Budget Category column is disabled in Tracking Account registers.

These are examples of Tracking Accounts:

  • Asset (e.g. Investment)
  • Liability (e.g. Mortgage)

Reconciling your Accounts

There are a couple of features in the web app that aren’t yet in the mobile app. One of these things is the ability to reconcile accounts. So, for now, you'll need to continue reconciling in the web app. Here are the steps!

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