Add Accounts on Mobile

Naturally, one of your very first steps in YNAB is to add your accounts—because they hold all the money you have to budget.

Adding an Account

The best place to start is your main account, usually a checking account.

Tap the Accounts icon.
the accounts icon lives at the bottom of the budget second from the left
Then tap  Add Accounts.
Choose between Linked or Unlinked.
Select an account type and enter a nickname for the account—as well as the current balance if you chose Unlinked.

Choose an account type from the options, type the nickname, type today's balance, then tap button labeled next in the lower right to finish

Credit Card Accounts

You'll use the same steps above, but take a few minutes to learn about Credit Card Basics.

A credit card payment category will be created for you so you know exactly what's available for your credit card payment. When you use your credit card to spend money you assigned to categories in your budget, that money will automatically move from the spending category to the credit card payment category.
If you carry a balance on your card, you need to assign money to pay it off over time. Consider setting a Payoff Balance by Date target when you create the account.
If you pay the balance in full each month, you need to assign the entire starting balance. Find out more on how to manage your paid in full credit card!

Unlike money that moves to your payment category from purchases, to pay off this balance, you’ll assign money directly to the category.

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