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Run into an error while trying to connect your financial institution that made you go "hmmmmm?" We've got you! Below are a few statuses you could see from time to time and what they mean for your connection. If you're seeing something that's not described below, click here for our troubleshooting steps. 

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You can think of this as the busy signal of statuses. We're calling the financial institution to grab your recent transactions and they're letting us know they're a little busy at the moment — our call will have to wait. This is typically a temporary status, and don't worry — we'll keep calling them back and bear the elevator music on your behalf. 😓

If transactions still aren’t importing and this error is persisting for 72 hours, here's what to do:


Check our status page — we may already be working on it!


Try removing the connection and then re-linking the account. This often gets confused with the Unlink button. Don't worry, you won't need to remove the account—just the connection—and you won’t lose any of your data.

If transactions still aren’t importing, send us a message with the following:
  • Name of the financial institution
  • Type of account (checking, credit card, investment, loan, etc.)
  • Nickname of the account in YNAB
  • Date of the last transaction that imported 
  • Date, payee, and amount of a few transactions that haven't imported, but cleared your online banking account 3+ days ago


If you're being asked to answer your security questions or enter a one-time passcode over and over, it’s not because you’re starring in the Groundhog Day remake. The good news is it also doesn’t mean your connection is broken—your bank just wants proof upon proof you’re you and not a bad actor.  This requirement is expected, and fortunately, you don't need to authorize the connection every time it asks; only go through the prompts when you're ready to import new transactions.

Security Questions

When establishing a new connection to a financial institution, you may be prompted to answer your security questions frequently until all answers are stored. These prompts should stop once you have answered all of your security questions.

One-Time Passcode (OTP)

Some financial institutions require you to authorize frequently due to how our integration works with their site security.* This can change (i.e. appear and disappear from seemingly nowhere) as institutions make site and security updates.

*Some financial institutions require entering your credentials in addition to security questions or OTP.

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