Adding Transactions on Mobile

You can add transactions—and import them!—right in the mobile app.  

Add Transactions

Adding your transactions right as they happen is the best way to have the most up-to-date category balances. If you import transactions, they'll automatically match up and mark the ones you added as cleared.

How to Add Transactions on Mobile

  1. Tap the Transaction (+) icon at the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Enter the amount using the number pad. 
  3. Using the toggle, indicate whether the transaction is an Inflow or Outflow
  4. Choose a Payee or create a new one. (Psst! Seeing a little arrow icon next to the Payee name? That means you have the Geo Payees feature turned on.)
  5. Select your category. 
  6. Confirm that the account, date, and other details are correct. 
  7. Tap Save

If this transaction used up more money than you had in a category, it’s time to head to the budget and use Rule Three to roll with it.

Import Transactions

With a linked account, it's easy to make sure you have all your transactions in YNAB, keeping you and your budget up to date. When there are new transactions available to import, you'll see a blue New Transactions banner at the top of your list of Accounts. Tap it to import, approve, and categorize transactions. Your imported transactions will automatically match to the ones you entered, and wait for your approval!

Having trouble linking your account? Check our troubleshooting steps. If you have access to a desktop or laptop computer, you can also try File-Based Importing in the web app.

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