Split Transactions on Mobile

Sometimes you spend from multiple categories in a single transaction (looking at you, Target! 👀 ). Not a problem with Split Transactions.

How to Enter a Split Transaction: 

  1. Tap the Transaction (+)  icon at the bottom of the screen. 
  2. On the Add Transaction screen, enter the amount as an Outflow.
  3. Choose the Payee. 
  4. Tap the Category section. 
  5. Tap Split in the upper right-hand corner. 
  6. Select all the categories you want to split the total between. 
  7. Tap Next
  8. On the Splits screen, enter in the amount you want for each category split. 
  9. Tap Done.
  10. Tap Save.  🎉
  11. If there is any amount remaining next to "Remaining" when you tap Done, YNAB will prompt you to auto-distribute the remainder to each of the splits (or you can go back and actively assign it yourself). Auto-distributing the remainder allows you to proportionally distribute any sales tax to each part of the split.

Quick Tip: If you have a transaction to divide equally between each split category, you can leave them all equal to $0, and YNAB will Auto-Distribute the total evenly across all of the splits. However, if you leave only one split category at $0, it will be skipped in the Auto-Distribution and remain at $0.

Transfers Within Splits

What about when you buy groceries with your debit card and get cash back? If you maintain a Cash account in YNAB, that's a split transaction with a transfer. You can enter a different payee for each split in a split transaction, if needed, in the mobile app. 🤯 Here's how it's done!

How to Make a Transfer Within a Split

  1. You'll enter the categorized split (choosing the categories and amounts that you want for each first). 
  2. Once you reach the Splits screen (step eight of the instructions above), you'll then have the option to tap Add a transfer
  3. Then, select the account to which you'd like to transfer some of the split funds.
  4. The Transfer payee will show up below all of the split categories you've selected. 
  5. On the Splits window in addition to the category options, you can tap Add a Transfer to move funds to a selected account.
  6. Enter the specific amount that you'd like to transfer. 
  7. Tap Done. 
  8. Tap Save. 
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