Split Transactions on Mobile

Sometimes you spend from multiple categories in a single transaction (looking at you, Target! 👀 ). Not a problem. Enter: Split Transactions. 

Here’s a quick gif showing the steps below:

Tap the Transaction Icon.
Enter the amount as an Expense. 
Choose the Payee, then tap on Split in the category section. 

Select the categories you want to split the total between


Enter in the amount spent for each split, then tap "Done"! 🎉

Multiple Payees, One Transaction

Have you ever decided to withdraw cash at the same time as paying for a purchase? What about when one student loan payment goes to more than one account? YNAB has you covered!

You can enter a different payee for each split in a split transaction, if needed, in the mobile app 🤯 To do that, enter the categorized split first, and then choose Add a transfer from the splits page:

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