Split Transactions on Mobile

Sometimes you spend from multiple categories in a single transaction (looking at you, Target! 👀 ). Not a problem with Split Transactions.

Enter a Split Transaction:

Tap the Add Transaction (+) Icon.
Enter the amount as an Outflow. 
Choose the Payee.


Tap Choose Category, then tap "Split" in the upper right-hand corner and select the categories you want to split the total between.


Enter in the amount spent for each split, then tap done! 🎉

If there is any amount remaining next to "Remaining" when you click Save, YNAB will prompt you to auto-distribute the remainder to each of the splits (or go back and actively assign it yourself). Auto-distributing the remainder allows you to proportionally distribute any sales tax to each part of the split.

Quick Tip: If you have a transaction to divide equally between each split category, you can leave them all equal to $0, and YNAB will Auto-Distribute the total evenly across all of the splits. However, if you leave only one split category at $0, it will be skipped in the Auto-Distribution and remain at $0.

Transfers Within Splits

What about when you buy groceries with your debit card and get cash back? If you maintain a Cash account in YNAB, that's a split transaction with a transfer... and here's how it's done!

You can enter a different payee for each split in a split transaction, if needed, in the mobile app. 🤯 To do that, enter the categorized split first, and then choose Add a transfer from the splits page:

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