Scheduled Transactions on Mobile

You can plan for future transactions, including repeating ones, right in the account register, then use that information to help you budget. Here's how to do it!

Tap the Add Transaction (+) button.

Choose the payee, amount, category, account, date of the next occurrence.


If you’d like the transaction to repeat, tap Repeat and choose how often.

Your transaction will now appear at the top of your register in gray. It will not yet affect your budget.
When the date of the next occurrence comes, the transaction will appear in bold in your register, waiting for you to approve it (we want to make sure it actually happened as planned!). 

Heads up! When Scheduled Transactions are entered in your account, they will automatically be marked as uncleared. When the transaction clears your bank, be sure to mark it as such in YNAB. 

Cash accounts are the exception—Scheduled Transactions entered in cash accounts will automatically be marked as cleared. You can read more about that in our Handling Cash article!

Using Scheduled Transactions in Your Budgeting

  • When you have a scheduled transaction in a category that you haven't fully assigned money to, you’ll see yellow (yellow means underfunded!) in the category that month. You can use that fancy Lightning Bolt icon to pull up the Auto Assign tool to fund any Underfunded categories.
  • For additional info, select the category that has a scheduled transaction. Tap the Details icon. You’ll know how much will be available in the category after that bill is paid. Glorious.

Editing or Deleting Scheduled Transactions

Things change, and your scheduled transactions can too!

If you need to edit the amount, date, or payee of a scheduled transaction, first tap the Account and find the corresponding gray transaction at the top of the register. Tap the transaction to edit and save. 

Editing the gray scheduled transaction will change all future instances, but not past ones that have already entered into your budget.

If a scheduled transaction happens earlier than you were expecting, but you need future transactions to stay on the original schedule, select the transaction, and tap Enter Now in the top right corner. The single transaction will drop into your register with today's date.

You can also delete all future instances of a scheduled transaction by clicking the gray transaction and selecting Delete. 

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