Category Specific Auto-Assign Buttons on Mobile

Note: This article refers to the options for Auto-Assign buttons that you can access within a specific category.

When the month rolls over in YNAB, all of the amounts in your Assigned column will go back to $0.00, while the positive amounts in your Available column stay the same. Auto-Assign = simple budgeting (and math!), which keeps you focused on your decisions.

If you haven't set Targets for your categories yet, they can help streamline your process, so be sure to set targets for your categories.

What To Expect

Select a category, then tap the Auto-Assign button. You'll see a preview of how each option will impact your Budget. Tap the button to apply the Auto-Assign option to that category. See how each one works below!

  • Reduce Overfunding: This option will move extra money from the category back to Ready to Assign. It will only appear if there is more money in the category than it needs (according to the target). 
  • Underfunded: This option will assign enough to cover overspending, upcoming transactions, and targets in the current month, and will only appear if a category is currently underfunded.
  • Assigned Last Month: Some assigned amounts just don’t change. Use this option to assign the same amount as the previous month.
  • Spent Last Month: If you feel like the previous month’s spending was a pretty good example for the current month, fire up this option.
  • Average Assigned: A 1-to-12 month rolling average of the assigned value for this category, not including the current month.
  • Average Spent: The not-so hidden gem of Auto-Assign. Spending averages are super-honest. This is an average of up to the last 12 months. Use it as the basis for your budget and you’ll likely be right on target.
  • Tapping a category name then tapping Auto-Assign shows various options for the specific category

    💡 Remember: it is important to only assign money you already have. If Auto-Assign ever turns Ready to Assign red, make adjustments until it returns to a happy, grey $0.00.

Quick Tips!

  1. See what you budgeted in a previous month without switching months by tapping the Auto-Assign button within the category and referring to Assigned Last Month.
  2. Underfunded and Auto-Assign will cover both overspending in a category, and the Target for that month, so keep that in mind when using it. If you aren't ready to fully fund that category this month, you may want to simply cover the overspending instead of using one of the buttons to cover it.
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