Assigning Your Money on Mobile

There are several ways to assign money to your categories in the mobile app, and here we go over each of those ways. Before assigning money, it is a great idea to set targets and scheduled transactions, to tell your budget just how much you need each month. Once you start assigning money, you can always check to see how much more [is] needed this month at the top of the Assign Mode preview, which you can access by tapping on the Assign Money button. That number will tell you how much you still need to assign to categories to fulfill all of the targets, scheduled transactions, and any overspending in the current month.

Once you know how much you still need, here are the ways you can assign that money:

Edit the Assigned Column

You can assign a number of dollars directly to a category by selecting the category and using the number keypad to edit the Assigned number. Need to set aside money for things like rent, or maybe something fun? Enter the amount, then tap the done button to apply the changes. Take a look at the GIF below:

Tap the assigned column and enter in the number for the amount you would like to add to the category then tap the check mark

Calculator on Mobile

There’s no need to open an external calculator when assigning money to your categories—you can do addition or subtraction right there, inline!

Assign Mode

If you are looking to assign money to multiple categories at once, you can use Assign Mode. Tap on the Assign Money button at the top of your budget page, which will open up Assign Mode. Here you can edit the amount assigned to multiple categories at once, as well as use category-specific auto-assign buttons. Tap the category, and then use the number keypad to add or remove money from your categories. When you're ready to save the changes, be sure to tap the Save Assignments button at the bottom. 

In Assign Mode, you can edit multiple category assigned amounts using the number keypad, calculator icons, and Auto-Assign.

You can also use the Auto-Assign buttons to assign money across your whole budget. The Underfunded Auto-Assign option is based on the priorities set by your targets and scheduled transactions so you can make sure that your upcoming bills are funded first.

Need to take money out of a category because your priorities changed or you remembered an upcoming expense? You can always Move Money back to your Ready to Assign, or between categories (Rule 3 in action)! YNAB makes it easy to adjust your budget to fit with changes in life because a flexible budget is a healthy budget. 

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