Customizing Categories on Mobile

Take the time to customize your categories in YNAB to represent your priorities. They should be specific enough to guide your spending, but not so specific that your budget becomes complicated.

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Rename/Reorder a Category Group or Category

Category Groups hold groups of categories (clever, huh?) that are related in some way.

By default, category groups are based on our prioritization strategy. You can rename to make them your own! The exception is Credit Card Payments, which is a group created automatically if you add one or more credit card accounts.

In the mobile app, there are a few ways to rename your categories. The first is great if you're making big changes, and the other is perfect for small tweaks.

Option One—iOS/Android/iPad

In the top right tap Edit (iOS/iPad), or the checkbox (Android) to see a full list of your categories and category groups.

  • For iOS/iPad, select the category or group then tap Rename in the bottom right. Enter the new name, and Save.
  • For Android, tap the category or group name and you'll see a popup where you can type in the new one, and Save.

Option Two—iOS/Android

To rename a single category from your budget:

Select a category.
Tap on Details.
You'll see the option to Rename at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down if you have a goal set!

Category Details

Reorder Categories

In the top right tap Edit (iOS/iPad), or the checkbox (Android) for a list of your categories. See those little hamburger icons? On any device, tap and hold one of those to move a category anywhere else in your budget.

Reorder Category iOS

Add a Category Group or Category

To add a brand new category:

Tap Edit (iOS/iPad) or the checkbox icon (Android).
Then tap the blue + in the Category Group header.
Enter the name of the new category.
Tap Save.

Add a Category iOS

To add a new category group:

Tap Edit (iOS/iPad) or the checkbox icon (Android).
Then tap New Group.
Enter the name of the new category group.
Tap Save.

Hide/Unhide, or Delete Categories

Pay off a loan or cancel a repeating expense? When you no longer need a category in your budget, you'll want to hide it—especially if the category has past transaction data.

Why? Deleting a category will significantly impact your budget. You'll need to re-categorize the transactions and move money around in your budget. If you've never used a category, it's safe to delete it. When in doubt, hide the category.

After tapping the Edit button (iOS/iPad) or checkbox (Android), and selecting one or more categories, you'll see the option to Hide. To unhide, tap the Hidden Categories group.

Hide categories you no longer need

Pin & Emoji Categories

You can pin categories to the top of your budget for easy access on iPhone or Android! From the Budget, tap a category and select Details, then tap the Pin at the top right. When you're done, it will look something like this:

Pinned Category

Or if you're feeling sassy, spice up your budget with emojis! 🙌🏾

Budget Emojis

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