Add, Remove and Customize Categories on Mobile

Take the time to customize your categories in YNAB to represent your priorities. They should be specific enough to guide your spending, but not so specific that your budget becomes complicated. In the mobile app, the category editing screen is called Edit Mode

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To enter Edit mode, click the Edit (Pencil) icon in the top right corner. Now you're ready to start editing your budget! To exit Edit Mode, tap Done in the top right corner.

Tapping the edit/pencil icon in the top right corner shows options to edit category details and targets

Rename/Reorder a Category Group or Category

Category Groups hold groups of categories (clever, huh?) that are related in some way.

By default, category groups are based on our prioritization strategy. You can rename to make them your own! (The exception is Credit Card Payments, which is a group created automatically if you add one or more credit card accounts. Categories in this group cannot be moved to other categories, and the category group itself is not customizable.) 

Reorder Categories/Groups

Reorder categories by clicking and dragging the icon on the right side (looks like three lines) up or down to move a category or category group into a different spot in the order. You can do this between categories within one category group, or between category groups themselves. 

Rename Categories/Groups

To rename a category, tap on the category name, which will bring up the keyboard. From there you can delete the current name and type in a new name, or make small adjustments, such as adding emojis (more on that in a minute). You can also scroll to the bottom of the details section of the category, and tap  Rename Category.

Add a Category, Category Group, or Target

To add a brand new category:

Enter Edit Mode by tapping the Edit (Pencil) icon in the top right corner.
Tap the + to the right of the Category Group header.

Enter the name of the new category.

Set the category target type, frequency, and amount for that category. Check out this page if you're not sure which Target to choose.
Tap the check box to save.

To add a new category group:

Tap the blue folder with a plus in the top left corner

Enter the name of the new category group.

Tap the check mark to save. Now you can add new categories to that group, or tap and drag them from other category groups. 
Plus sign icon on right side of a category group name adds a category. Folder icon in top left corner adds a category group

To Add a Target

You can add a target for your categories right in Edit Mode. Tap on the number underneath the category, and use the calculator buttons to type in the amount. Tap on the type of target you would like (the spending targets are displayed but you can tap the three dots button to choose a savings target), and then tap the check mark to save that target.

Hide/Unhide Categories

Pay off a loan or cancel a repeating expense? When you no longer need a category in your budget (but merging it with another category isn’t suitable) you'll want to hide it. To Hide a category, tap on the minus (-) sign to the right of the category name, and choose the Hide option. To unhide, tap the Hidden Categories group at the bottom of your budget. 

In Edit Mode, the minus sign on right of category name can be used to hide or delete a category

You can also scroll to the bottom of the details section of the category, and tap  Hide Category.

Delete Categories

When deleting a category, if there are transactions associated with the category, you’ll be prompted to merge and recategorize the transactions to another category. This will also move all budgeting in past, current, and future months to the chosen category.

It’s not possible to leave transactions uncategorized, so if there isn’t a suitable choice, you can hide the category instead! 

Deleting categories with no transactional history will move any Available amounts to your  Ready to Assign

For category group deletions, if any categories within that group have transactions, all budgeting and all transactions will need to be merged and recategorized to a single category. If that’s not the desired outcome, you can first move categories to other category groups before deleting!

To Delete, tap the minus (-) sign to the right of the category name, and choose the Delete option. If there are any transactions associated with the category, you’ll be prompted to choose a new category to reassign the transactions and budgeting activity. You can also scroll to the bottom of the details section of the category, and tap Delete Category.

Edit/Delete Targets

To edit a target, tap on the target amount under the category name. You can change the amount by typing in a new amount or change the due date by tapping the due date. 

If you would like to change the target type, you'll need to delete the target and create a new one. To do this, tap the x to the right of the target type. This will clear out the target and allow you to choose a new target type and set a new target for that category. 

Pin & Emoji Categories

You can pin categories to the top of your budget for easy access on iPhone or Android. From the Budget, tap a category and select Details, then tap the 📌 pin icon at the top left. You can also spice up your budget with emoji! 🥳 You can add emoji directly into the Category Name line. When you're done, it will look something like this:

A pinned category is shown at the top of the category list in the pinned section

Note that the pinned section is not considered it's own category, so unlike category groups in the budget tab, Pinned categories will not be collapsible.

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