Multiple Budgets on Mobile

Do you need more than one budget? Not usually. However, there are cases where you may want to create a brand new one. Let's walk through it!


Maybe your original budget is for personal finances, and you've decided to started a budget for your small business. Or, you're looking to teach your child about money and want to start them off with a budget of their very own! Sometimes, you just need to make a sandbox budget to create a plan for uncertain times.

If you fell off the budgeting wagon and want to start over, consider a Fresh Start, or you can opt for a completely blank slateā€”and a brand new budget.

How to Switch Budgets

  1. From the Budget tab of your budget, tap the More Menu (three dots icon) at the top
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. To create new additional budgets, tap New Budget.
  4. To choose another existing budget, tap Open Budget.
  5. Select the budget you'd like to switch to from the list. 

Did you start a new budget on your computer? The mobile app will open the last budget you accessed on your mobile device. You'll need to open up the new one on mobile, too! Keep an eye on the Budget Name in Settings, and make sure they're the same.

One more secret before we part ways: you can create as many budgets as you'd like. If that historical data is important, you can always go back and reference it later. Customize the names, so you can easily tell different budgets apart!

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