Mobile Quick Start Step 2: Budget Your Money

Now that you’ve added your accounts, you’re ready to budget. All that money in your accounts from Step 1 is sitting in  To be Budgeted, right at the top of your budget.

Next, prioritize by budgeting every dollar to a category, until To be Budgeted is zero. 

You can budget a number of dollars directly to a category by selecting the category and using the number keypad. Need $90.00 for that cat toys category you just created? (Do you? Really?) Just enter $90 and hit Done.

⛔️ Stay out of the red!

If your To be Budgeted turns red, that means you have overbudgeted (given jobs to dollars you don't actually have!). Tap the To be Budgeted number to move some money back from lower-priority categories! 

If you want to read about some other ways to budget, check out how to use our Quick Budget and Move Money features!

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