Quick Budget

Want to get a jump start on your budgeting instead of beginning with a blank slate (not that there's anything wrong with that...)? Quick Budget makes budgeting (and math!) simple, which keeps your focus where it belongs, on your decisions. 

Quick Budget Options

You’ll see options for Quick Budgeting in the Inspector.

With Multiple categories selected

  • Underfunded: This will budget to any categories with a red or orange status in the Available column (whether because of overspending, an unmet goal, or an uncovered upcoming transaction) and bring the Available amount to $0.00.
  • Budgeted Last Month: Some budgeted amounts just don’t change. That Debt Payments category group, for example, is pretty stable. Use this option to budget the same amount as the previous month.
  • Spent Last Month: If you feel like the previous month’s spending was a pretty good template for the current month, fire up this option.
  • Average Budgeted: A 1 to 12 month rolling average of the budgeted value for this category. The current month is excluded.
  • Average Spent: The not-so hidden gem of Quick Budgeting. Spending averages are super-honest. We’ll show you an average of up to the last 12 months – use it as the basis for your budget, and you’ll likely be right on target.

With A single Category Selected

Select a category, and your Quick Budget options get dialed in.

  • Upcoming Transactions: Do you have a scheduled transaction for this category? Click here and you’ll instantly budget what you need to be ready for it.
  • Goal Target: Do you have a monthly funding goal, or a target balance by date goal? Excellent, you’re planning ahead – this option will budget what is needed to keep you on track.

No matter which Quick Budget option you use, remember that it is important to only budget money you already have. If Quick Budgeting ever turns To be Budgeted red, make adjustments until your To Be Budgeted returns to a happy, green $0.00.

Don't like results?

If you don't like the result of Quick Budgeting, you can always undo it! Use the back arrow button that's below the month name in your budget!

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