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Moving money. It's an important part of successful budgeting. Traditional budgets leave little room for change, but rigid budgets break. This is why we love Rule Three of the YNAB method: Roll With The Punches. Moving money allows you to have a budget that changes as your needs and priorities change.

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An Overview of Moving Money

Three Ways to Move Money

There are three ways to move money:

1. Moving Money Out of a Category

The move money pop-up window appears after clicking the Available amount for a category

Find the category you want to move the money from. This category will need to have a positive Available amount.
Click the Available number in that category.
Enter the amount you’d like to move.
Select that category from the drop-down (or just start typing its name) that you'd like to move that money to.

2. Moving Money to Cover Overspending

Click the available amount for an overspent category and the move money pop-up asks how you'd like to cover that overspending

Click the red or yellow Available number in an overspent category.
Choose the category you'd like to move money from.
Select that category from the drop-down (or just start typing its name).

3. Moving Money From To be Budgeted

You can use very similar steps to do the same thing directly from  To be Budgeted, an easy way to give those dollars jobs instead of typing them directly into the budget categories. 

Click your To be Budgeted amount and the move money pop-up appears directly below

Click the  To be Budgeted number at the top of your budget.
Choose the amount you'd like to move.
Select the category you'd like to move the funds to (or just start typing its name).

That’s it – you’ve rolled with the punches! You can also move money on the go using your mobile device.

Tracking Money Moves

Sometimes you may find it helpful to see where some of those Rule 3 punches were thrown. Did your Dining Out budget get knocked out when your best friend showed up unexpectedly? Maybe your Home Maintenance category took a jab due to a leaky window and a particularly stormy spring. Or it could just be a case of, “Where the heck did all my Fun Money go?” 

YNAB tracks how and when money moves between your categories and your To be Budgeted so you can see how your priorities may have shifted and use that information to make future budgeting decisions. 

At the top of your Budget, you’ll see a Recent Moves button which will show you history of any money moves made in the past 34 days.

The recent moves button lives at the top of the budget next to the undo and redo buttons

Click on any category to jump right to it in your budget. Select a category or hover over its Budgeted column to locate the history icon — this little clock will allow you to view the category move details for the budget month.

Select a category and the money moves clock icon appears next to its budgeted amount

History of Money Moves at the category level is retained for the following time periods:

  • The past three months
  • The current month
  • Any future months 

You’ll even see more details for bulk actions like Quick Budget and exactly how much was budgeted into each category.

The Recent Moves button showing a line by line breakdown of a recent Quick Budget action

If you’ve moved money in a different month than the current one, you’ll see a calendar icon next to the amount. This is particularly helpful when you’ve aged your money and are budgeting into next month already (goodbye paycheck-to-paycheck!) or you’re fixing up some overspending when the month has already rolled over.

Money Moves Icons

Here is what each of those icons mean:

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