Moving Money

Moving money. It's an important part of successful budgeting. Traditional budgets leave little room for change, but rigid budgets break. This is why we love Rule Three of the YNAB method: Roll With The Punches. Moving money allows you to have a budget that changes as your needs and priorities change.

There are three ways to move money:

1. Moving Money Out of a Category

Find the category you want to move the money from. This category will need to have a positive Available amount.
Click the Available number in that category.
Enter the amount you’d like to move.
Select that category from the drop-down (or just start typing its name) that you'd like to move that money to.

2. Moving Money to Cover Overspending

Click the red or yellow Available number in an overspent category.
Choose the category you'd like to move money from.
Select that category from the drop-down (or just start typing its name).

3. Moving Money From To be Budgeted

You can use very similar steps to do the same thing directly from  To be Budgeted, an easy way to give those dollars jobs instead of typing them directly into the budget categories. 

Click the  To be Budgeted number at the top of your budget.
Choose the amount you'd like to move.
Select the category you'd like to move the funds to (or just start typing its name).

That’s it – you’ve rolled with the punches! You can also move money on the go using your mobile device.

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