Edit Account Name & Notes

When you hover over the name of one of your accounts, you'll see an edit icon to the left of the name. That's the key to updating the name—and a few other things.

Clicking the edit icon will bring up the edit window. In the first field, you can change the Account Nickname. If it's a credit card account, this will also change the name of the corresponding Credit Card Payment category in your Budget.

Hover over the account name and click the pencil icon that appears.

There is an option below the Account Nickname to add Account Notes. You might jot down the interest rate or the annual renewal date. Don't use it for account numbers or login information, though.

Next is a button to Link or Unlink the account—except for cash accounts. And to make a balance adjustment, you can update the Today's Balance field.

Finally, you'll find the option to either Close or Delete Account in the bottom left corner of the window.

You can also rearrange accounts by clicking and dragging them in the account list:

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