Siri Shortcuts on iOS

Have you ever wished YNAB would automatically add a transaction for that cup of coffee you get every day—without entering the same details each time? If so, try creating a YNAB Siri Shortcut.

Download the Shortcuts app on your iOS device. That way, the next time you add one of those frequent transactions, you'll be ready to save it as a shortcut. If YNAB isn't listed in the Shortcuts app, update the YNAB app to v2.6 and add at least one transaction after updating. Then, you'll see YNAB and your recent transactions as shortcut suggestions.

Create a Shortcut


In the YNAB mobile app, add a transaction you want to save as a shortcut.


Open the Shortcuts app and tap Create Shortcut.

Type YNAB into the search bar.

Select the YNAB action you want to save as a shortcut.

If you'd like, tap the toggle icon to Add to Siri. Record a phrase for the shortcut, and you'll have a no-tap way to add that cup of coffee to YNAB! ☕

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