Category Inspectors (Colors!)

Okay, we really love shades of blue. But green should be your favorite color in budgeting – it's the color that says you've got money just waiting for a job to do. 

But sometimes your budget categories might be orange, red, or even gray. Each one is a signal for action (or for just sitting back and doing nothing right now).

Gray: Nothing happening here! The category Available is gray only when you have no activity.

Green: It’s all good! You have dollars available. If you have a goal set in that category, you’re on track!

Red: Immediate action is needed! You have overspending that happened in a checking, cash, or other debit account. This means you have spent some dollars that are assigned to other categories. Move money to adjust.

Orange: This category is underfunded. One of three things could be happening:

  • You haven’t budgeted enough to stay on track with a goal. Check the goals section of the inspector to be sure.
  • You haven't budgeted enough for an upcoming scheduled transaction. Select the category and look in the Inspector.
  • You have overspending that happened on a credit card. If you don’t cover this overspending now, it will become debt that you need to pay off.

No matter the source, orange means you are underfunded – use Rule Three to change your budget if you need to!

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