Change Email & Password

Did you get a new email address—or need to fix a typo? Or maybe it's been a while since you've logged in, and you need to reset your password.

No matter what the reason is, you can change your email and/or password as you wish in your Account Settings, which is accessible on web & mobile from the settings menu in your budget. Once you're there, you'll see a button to Change Email & Password.

Oh, by the way—did you know you could use your Google and/or Apple account to create a single sign-on for your YNAB account?

Change Email Address

To change your email address, you'll need to enter the new email address, as well as your current password. If you don't know your password, you'll need to change it first—which is coming up in the section below!

If you get a message that says "This email address has already been registered" that means there is already a YNAB account under the email address you're trying to use. You'll need to delete that YNAB account first to free it up.

Change Password

Most likely, if you need to change your password, it's because you can't remember the current one—which is required if you're trying to change your password while you're still logged in. If that's the case, you actually need to log out.

Whether you're using the web app or the mobile app, once you've logged out, click the Forgot Password link. Follow the instructions, and you'll be back to budgeting in no time!

Now, if you open the password reset email on your mobile device, certain mail apps (Gmail and third-party apps in particular) aren't able to bring you back to the app to enter a new password. If you're able to use the default mail app or a browser instead, you'll be brought to the right place!

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