Sharing a Budget

If you share accounts with someone, we recommend you share a budget with them, too. If you don’t share accounts, don’t share a budget. Simple, right? But your situation may be more complex, and we're here to help you handle it in YNAB.

For example, let’s say you have a joint checking account with someone, and you both own the $1000 in that account. When you add that account in YNAB, you’ll want to decide together what to do with that money. Both of you will give those dollars jobs.

Similarly, if you both use a credit card, you’ll be budgeting your cash on hand for that credit card spending, so you’ll both need to decide how to spend it. Both of you will add your accounts to your budget, and share it.

If you find that you don’t want to share a budget with someone that you share an account with, we’d recommend simplifying. Open a separate credit card just for your purchases, or a new checking account just for your budget.

Budgeting with a partner?

So you're sharing your budget with your partner, but you may be wondering how you actually do that. To share a budget, you can share your YNAB log in credentials or connect your Google or Apple Login in your Account Settings. There are no limits on the number of budgets or devices you can sync with, so you'll be up to date across all of your devices!

Be sure to check out our Join Forces guide too—it will help guide you in how to use YNAB when you share a budget with someone.

The examples can be complex, but if you simplify this way, you can avoid situations where you’re unable to record spending or unsure of how to use your budget.

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