Budgeting Your Money

Every time you add money to a Budget account, it appears in To be Budgeted. The next time you sit down for some quality time with your budget and our prioritization strategy (spoiler – work down the list of categories), assign a job to each of those dollars. And we mean each and every dollar, until your To be Budgeted amount is $0.00. All of ‘em.

Three Ways to Budget

You have three ways to get your dollars where they need to be. You should try them all. You may have a favorite (but don’t tell the other ones if you do). Look out for GIFs below!

Quick Budget

Do you see any yellow category balances in your budget? That means you’re underfunded, and the icon in the bubble can help you understand why. You can cover all types of underfunding (unmet goals, upcoming scheduled transactions, or overspending) in all categories with a single click.

Beware of Underfunded 
The Underfunded option in Quick Budget is super handy to fund several, if not all, of your categories at once, but if you click it by accident, it may leave you thinking,  There must be gremlins in my budget! 

If you click Underfunded by mistake, you can Undo the action if you catch it right away, or you can move dollars until they're back where you want them to be.

Find that button in the Inspector (over on the right!) and click away. Done. You can do this one category at a time or one category group at a time by selecting those categories. Or, you can cover all underfunding in your budget at once by clicking the Underfunded Quick Budget button with no categories selected.

When you have a little bit of history in your budget, you’ll be able to budget in a single click using other Quick Budget options based on spending averages and other historical whiz-bangs. But that’s jumping ahead.

In the Category 

You can type a number of dollars right in your category. Need $90.00 for that cat toys category you just created? (No judgment here!) Just type $90 there and move onto the next one.

Moving Money 

You can also just click on To be Budgeted, enter the amount you want to move, select the category, and boom! Dollars are budgeted.

This one is especially handy when you already have $73.91 budgeted to a category and you want to add $18.76 more – and you loathe arithmetic. It’s okay, Move Money has you covered.

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