Quick Start Step 2: Add Your Accounts

All those goals and categories in your budget need money, and that money is in your accounts. Time to add 'em.

Checking Account

The best place to start is your main spending account, usually a checking account.

Click Add Account in the sidebar.
Enter your account name. Go ahead and make it sassy.
Select Checking as your account type.
If you're planning to use Direct Import, leave that box checked and move on to the next step! If not, uncheck the box and enter today’s balance in your account.

Credit Card Account

If you use a credit card for a lot of spending, it’s a good idea to add that account, too. Use the same steps, but check these key points about credit cards in your budget.


A credit card payment category will be created for you. Why? So you’ll never again wonder what credit card payment you can afford (yes, that is how awesome you and a budget are going to be together). When you use your credit card to spend money you budgeted, that money will automatically move to your payment category.


If you have a balance on your card, you need to budget to pay it off, whether it is $5 or $5,000. Set a goal (you know how to do that!) by selecting the credit card payments category and choosing a “Payoff Balance by Date” goal.

Don't worry about that yellow! You'll turn it green!

Unlike money that moves to your payment category from purchases, to pay off this balance, you’ll budget directly to the category (and budgeting is step 3!).

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