Searching Transactions on Mobile

Can't remember how much you spent on groceries last week? Not to worry—you can search transactions easily at the top of your account register.

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    How To Search on Mobile

    Where do you want to begin your search? Select a specific account, like Checking, or search across All Accounts by selecting that on the Accounts tab, and using the search box there.

    Can't see mobile search? Try scrolling up or tap on the search icon in the top bar to reveal it.

    To activate search, tap the search box and start typing. YNAB will filter the transactions in your account register based on what you type.

    Type a number and YNAB will show you transactions that match your search.

    Using the Selected Total in Tandem with Search

    The selected total feature in the mobile app allows you to select transactions and see a total without using an external calculator tool. This means you can use the selected total feature paired with a search to easily find out the totals for all kinds of things!

    Tap on All Accounts and search for a certain category, a particular colored flag, a distinct payee, or any other criteria you need. Tap the circle next to individual transactions and you’ll see the selected total for them at the top of the register. For example, it’s a handy way to find the total spending for a specific payee.

    Demo: tap All Accounts, search for letters e l e c. All transactions with those letters appear. Selected total on top rightSearch Criteria

You can also search for other (even multiple!) criteria. For example, if you wanted to see all of your red flags in your dining category, you could search "Dining Red". Here are the different criteria you can search for:

  • Categories
  • Payees
  • Amounts
  • Flags
  • Memos
  • Split Transactions
  • Cleared/Uncleared/Reconciled/Unreconciled
  • Approved/Unapproved
  • Inflow/Outflow

Tapping X or Cancel will clear a search. If you only see a limited list of transactions in your account register, that means that search is still filtering your transactions. To go back to the full list, scroll to the top and tap the X or Cancel.

Let the transaction hunt begin! 🎉

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