Quick Start Step 4: Schedule Future Transactions

You’ve given every dollar a job. Now what? Now it's time to get prepared by scheduling transactions you know are coming. It's helpful to start by thinking of monthly expenses like your rent/mortgage, utilities, and subscriptions (hello, Netflix and Spotify). But you'll get even more value by thinking about the expenses that happen not-so-often. Your car insurance payment due six months from now. The graduation gift for your brother next spring. That rental car you booked for your road trip across Canada in the fall! 😍

Creating Scheduled Transactions

Click Add Transaction.
The Add Transaction button is in the top left corner of the account register to the left of the Edit button
Enter the date of the next occurrence of the transaction.
If it's a repeating transaction, select the frequency in the drop-down menu below the calendar.
When adding a transaction at the bottom of the date picker there is a drop down menu to choose a repeating option
Your transaction will now appear at the top of your register in gray. It will not yet affect your budget.
Scheduled transaction is shown at the top of the register in gray
When the date of the next occurrence comes, the transaction will appear in bold in your register, waiting for you to approve it (we want to make sure it actually happened as planned!).

Now, you'll be able to see upcoming scheduled transactions in your budget and use those to help you plan ahead—they'll have a yellow alert if the category is underfunded, reminding you to give it some monetary attention.

🏁You're nearly there! Let's wrap up these Quick Start steps by talking about What's Next.

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