Transferring From a Credit Card

A transfer from a credit card to a cash account—like your checking, Paypal, or savings—is seen as a cash advance in YNAB.


With this type of transfer, funds leave your credit card (increasing what you owe on that card) and go to the cash account, where the Inflow shows up as money To be Budgeted. 

The To be Budgeted increases, you owe that much more on the card, and the Credit Card Payment category Available remains unchanged. If you were intending to create new debt, leave it this way.

Didn’t mean to create debt?

If your transfer was $20, budget $20 to the Credit Card Payment category

It is also important to note that, even when you budget for the cash advance, the overspending bubble in the register will not go away until next month. This can be safely ignored, as long as the credit card Payment amount matches the payment amount you plan to make.

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