Add, Remove, and Customize Categories

This Help Doc is about customizing your categories until they represent your priorities. You'll learn how to add, rename, reorder, hide, and delete categories. 

While some categories you know you'll need right away, others you'll discover as you get more budgeting experience under your belt. The goal is to have a list of categories specific enough to guide your spending, but not so specific that your budget gets complicated. It's how you make your budget your own.

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Reorder and Rename a Category Group or Category

Category Groups hold groups of categories (clever, huh?) that are related in some way.

By default, category groups are based on our prioritization strategy, but you can reorder a category, or even a Category Group, at any time by clicking on it and dragging it up or down. You can move categories within a Category Group or between Category Groups, and move Category Groups above or below other Category Groups this way. When that category or group is where you want it, drop it right into its new home. 

You can also  rename a Category Group by clicking the name. You can rename categories the same way. Click the name and edit away!

The only exception is Credit Card Payments, which is a Category Group created automatically if you add one or more credit card accounts. Credit Card Payment Categories cannot be moved into other Category Groups (though they can be re-ordered within the Credit Card Payment Category), and neither the Credit Card Payment Category or the Category Group can be renamed in the budget. Instead, you'll want to rename the account itself, which will rename the Credit Card Payment Category for that card.

Credit Card Payment Categories mirror the name of the accountTo rename one, click the edit icon to the left of the account name instead.

Add a Category Group or Category

How to Add a Category Group

  1. Click + Category Group (next to the Undo button in your budget, just below the budget header).
  2. Enter the name for your new Category Group and click on the OK button.
  3. The new group will be at the top of your category list. If there are any existing categories you'd like to move to this group, just drag and drop 'em!

How to Add a Category

  1. Hover over the name of a Category Group.
  2. Click the + sign that appears to the right of it.
  3. Enter the name for your new category.

Your new category will be at the top of the list of categories in that group. If you’d like it somewhere else, just drag and drop!

Hide/Unhide Categories

If your budget is brand-sparkling-new, you may want to delete some categories—which we'll cover next. Once a category has activity though, you'll want to hide it instead. It's much less destructive to your budget.

You can hide and unhide categories to your heart's content! Simply click on the category name, and the option to hide it will be in the pop-up window.

To unhide a category, scroll to the bottom of your budget and click on the header for  Hidden Categories. Then choose the category you'd like to unhide from the list that pops up.

Delete/Merge Categories

To delete a category, select the category you'd like to delete, click on the category name, and then click the Delete button. This will completely delete the category, as if it never existed in your budget. A few things to note before deleting a category:

  • If there are transactions associated with the category, you’ll be prompted to merge the transactions to another category. This will also move all assigning of funds in past, current, and future months to the chosen category.
  • It’s not possible to leave transactions uncategorized, so if there isn’t a suitable choice, you can hide the category instead! 
  • Deleting categories with no transactional history will move any Available amounts to Ready to Assign
  • For Category Group deletions, if any categories within that group have transactions, all assigning and all transactions will need to be merged to a single category. If that’s not the desired outcome, you can first move categories to other Category Groups before deleting!

After choosing delete, a pop up will provide an option to select a new category for previous transactions with this category

Deleting a category with past credit card activity will also impact your Credit Card Payment Categories. While the changes you see in your budget may feel different than you expected, the sum of Ready to Assign and Available in [Month] (in the right sidebar when no categories are selected) will be the same before and after deleting the category.

📱If you’re budgeting on the go , you can customize categories on the mobile app, too!

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