Customizing Categories

Categories in YNAB represent your priorities – so you’ll need to spend time customizing them. Be sure your categories are specific enough to represent and guide your spending, but are not so specific that your budget becomes complicated (you don’t need separate categories for cat toys and dog toys, cut it out).

Category Groups

Category Groups hold groups of categories (clever, huh?) that go together in some way. By default, the category groups are based on our prioritization strategy, so you can be confident that everything is covered.

Click the + button at the top of the category list to the left of the Category Group label.
Enter the name for your group.
The new group will be at the top of your budget. If you’d like it somewhere else, just drag and drop!


Some, you'll add or change right away. Others you'll discover as you go along. Either way, make 'em your own.

Decide which category group your new category will be a part of.
Hover over the name of that category group and a plus sign will appear.
Enter the name for your new category.
The new category will be at the top of your group. If you’d like it somewhere else, just drag and drop!

Beware Of Deleting Categories!

When in doubt, use Hide to remove unwanted categories and groups, since deleting a category also deletes its history from your budget!

Hiding and Unhiding Categories

Do you have a category you think you're done with? Or one you only want to see in the one month of the year you'll use it? Hide and unhide to your heart's content! To hide a category, simply click on the category name and you will see the option!

To unhide, scroll to the bottom of your budget and click on Hidden Categories.

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