Keyboard Shortcuts

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Global Shortcuts

In shortcuts noted as Command/Control, use Command on a Mac and Control on a PC.

Action Shortcut
Undo Command/Control-Z
Redo Command/Control-Y
Select all text in the active field Command/Control-A
Copy selected text Command/Control-C
Cut selected text Command/Control-X
Paste from the clipboard into the selected cell  Command/Control-V
Commit Enter
Cancel Escape
Move to the next field or button Tab

Budget Shortcuts

Action Shortcut
Move to the previous/next budget cell  Up/Down Arrow
Select multiple categories Shift-Up or Shift-Down
Collapse or expand category group Command/Control-Up or Command/Control-Down
Move focus down to the next budget cell Tab
Move focus up to the next budget cell Shift-Tab
Commit selected category budget value Enter

Account Shortcuts

Action Shortcut
Select all transactions Command/Control-A
Select a group of transactions Shift-Click
Select multiple transactions Command/Control-Click
Toggle cleared status of selected transactions C
Move the selection up or down to the next transaction Up/Down Arrow
Add new transaction Control-Shift/Alt-N

Transaction Shortcuts

Action Shortcut
Move the list selection up or down
Up/Down Arrow
Delete selected transaction
Delete or Backspace key

Date Picker

Action Shortcut
Navigate the date picker
Arrow Keys
Move the date one day forward/back + or –
Select today t
Select first day of month m
Select last day of month Shift-m
Select first day of year y
Select last day of year r
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