Keyboard Shortcuts

You love 'em. We love 'em. Keep your hands on the keyboard!

Global Shortcuts

In shortcuts noted as CMD/CTRL, use CMD on a Mac and CTRL on a PC.

CMD/CTRL+z - undo
CMD/CTRL+y - redo
CMD/CTRL+a - select all text in the active field
CMD/CTRL+c - copies selected text
CMD/CTRL+x - cuts selected text
CMD/CTRL+v - pastes from the clipboard into the selected cell
ENTER - commit 
ESC - cancel
TAB - move to the next field or button

Budget Shortcuts

UP/DOWN - moves focus up or down to the next budget cell
SHIFT+UP/SHIFT+DOWN - adds and removes to selection of budget categories
CMD/CTRL+UP / CMD/CTRL+DOWN - collapses or expands category groups

TAB - moves focus down to the next budget cell
SHIFT+TAB - moves focus up to the next budget cell
ENTER - commits selected category budget value

Account Shortcuts

CMD/CTRL+a - selects all transactions
c - toggles cleared status of selected transactions
UP/DOWN - moves selection up or down to the next transaction

Transactions Shortcuts

UP/DOWN - moves list selection up or down

Date Field

t - selects today
PLUS or MINUS - move the day one day forward or one day back
LEFT/RIGHT/DOWN/UP - navigate the month grid

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