Keyboard Shortcuts

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Global Shortcuts

Action Mac Shortcut Windows Shortcut
Undo Command (⌘) + Z Control + Z
Redo Command (⌘) + Y Control + Y
Select all text in the active field
Command (⌘) + A Control + A
Copy selected text Command (⌘) + C Control + C
Cut selected text Command (⌘) + X Control + X
Paste from the clipboard into the selected cell Command (⌘) + V Control + V
Commit Enter/Return Enter/Return
Cancel Escape Escape
Move to the next field or button Tab Tab

Budget Shortcuts

Action Mac Shortcut Windows Shortcut
Move to the previous/next budget cell Up/Down Arrow Up/Down Arrow
Select multiple categories Shift + Up/Down Arrow Shift + Up/Down Arrow
Collapse or expand category group Command (⌘) + Up/Down Arrow Control + Up/Down Arrow
Move focus down to the next budget cell Tab Tab
Move focus up to the next budget cell Shift + Tab Shift + Tab
Commit selected category budget Enter/Return Enter/Return

Account Shortcuts

Action Mac Shortcut Windows Shortcut
Select all transactions Command (⌘) + A Control + A
Select a group of transactions Shift + Click Shift + Click
Select multiple transactions Command (⌘) Click + Shift + Up/Down Arrow Control + Click + Shift + Up/Down Arrow
Toggle cleared status of selected transaction(s) C C
Move the selection up or down to the next transaction Up/Down Arrow Up/Down Arrow
Add new transaction Control (∧) + Shift + N Control + Alt + N

Transaction Shortcuts

Action Mac Shortcut Windows Shortcut
Move the list selection up or down Up/Down Arrow Up/Down Arrow
Delete selected transaction Delete or Backspace Delete or Backspace

Date Picker

Action Mac Shortcut Windows Shortcut
Navigate the date picker Arrow keys Arrow keys
Move the date one day forward/back + or - + or -
Select today T T
Select first day of month M M
Select last day of month Shift + M Shift + M
Select first day of year Y Y
Select last day of year R R
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