Deleting a Budget

Have a budget you're not using anymore? Appreciate a nice, tidy budget picker? Deleting your old budgets is a snap. Start by going to your budget dashboard. Click your budget's name and choose Open Budget from the menu.

Clicking the budget name in the top left corner shows a drop down menu. The second option on the list is called Open Budget


Hover over the budget you'd like to delete.


Click the x that appears in the bottom right corner.


If you're sure that's the one you want to delete, click the big red button.

Hovering over the budget name shows an X in the lower right corner

After clicking the X, a red Delete button and a Cancel button are shown to confirm the choice

Be careful, but if you accidentally delete the wrong budget, send us a message! We'll need you to enable Support Access in order to restore a deleted budget.

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