Searching Transactions

Trying to remember how many times you spent over $30 from your Dining Out category this month? Want to know if you have any uncleared transactions from days of yore? You can quickly find out by searching your register using the search bar, sorting, or filtering options!

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You can search transactions easily in the upper right hand corner of the account register.

You can also search across accounts by selecting All Accounts along the left side, and using the search box there.

To activate search, just start typing in the search box. YNAB will show you some options based on what you typed.

a search beginning with g r brings up multiple options, like the Groceries category and the green flag, which can be selected

Type a number and YNAB will show you options that may match your search!

You can also search with multiple criteria. For example, maybe you need to know all the times you dined out and it cost more than $30.

a search for 'category: dining out, outflow>=30' brings up three transactions in this example

Search Criteria

Here are the different criteria you can search for:

  • Categories
  • Payees
  • Amounts
  • Flags
  • Memos
  • Split Transactions
  • Cleared/Uncleared/Reconciled/Unreconciled
  • Approved/Unapproved
  • Inflow/Outflow
  • Before/After/On a Particular Date

Clicking X will clear a search. If the next time you head into your account register you only see a limited list of transactions, that means that search filter was not cleared. To go back to the full list, scroll to the top and tap the X to bring the rest back to the register.

Using the Selected Total in Tandem with Search

The selected total feature in the register of the web app allows you to select transactions and see a total without using an external calculator tool.

Head to your All Accounts tab and search for a certain category, a particular colored flag, a distinct payee, or any other criteria you need and you’ll see the selected total for that group when you select all. For example, it’s a handy way to find the total spending for a specific payee.

when you select multiple transactions in an account register, the sum of them appears to the left of the Reconcile button

How to Sort Transactions

By default, transactions in the register are sorted by date in descending order: you’ll find your most recent transactions at the top. Transactions on the same date are sorted by amount, also in descending order: you’ll see the largest inflow at the top and the largest outflow at the bottom. 

You can choose to sort by any column by clicking the column header. Here are the columns you can sort by and how they sort:

  • Flags will sort by color
  • Payee, Category, and Memo columns will sort alphabetically
  • Outflow and Inflow columns will sort by amount
  • Cleared will sort uncleared, cleared and reconciled transactions

There's also a secondary sort order that changes the order based on which entry you click on first. If you sort by payee first, then sort by date, YNAB will sort in that order: Date then Payee. This works up to as many times as you sort columns.

How to Filter Transactions

You can access the filter feature from the View menu in the account register. From there, you can filter out reconciled transactions and limit the view to specific timeframes.

View Options menu has timeframe buttons, date range menus, and checkboxes to show reconciled transactions and running balance

Let the transaction hunt begin! 🎉

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