Switching Direct Import Providers

👋🏻Need help with your accounts? Start with this Direct Import doc to troubleshoot your linked accounts!

We partner with multiple data providers in order to offer the Direct Import feature in YNAB and, depending on your specific situation, one may provide a better import experience for you. We may be prompting you to update because things have changed with one of our data providers, or YNAB Support has walked you through the process. Either way, you're reading this article because that process has already begun for you!

Start Update

If you're logged into your budget, you should see a prompt that it's time to update Direct Import. Whenever you're ready, follow these steps to complete the update on your side. Note, these instructions apply to both mobile and web platforms unless otherwise noted, but if you're missing the helpful prompts shown below, make sure you've updated to the latest version of the YNAB app.


First, reconcile your accounts by following these steps. You can do this from the web app or on the mobile app, and doing so will help reduce the possibility of duplicate transactions importing when you update your connections.


Click on the Get Started button above your account list (if you don't see the Get Started button, proceed to step 4!): 


This will bring you to a pop up where you'll be prompted to confirm the update, because that's when we'll un-link any other accounts you may have. Confirm the update by clicking Start Update


After you've started the update, you'll need to link your accounts by clicking or tapping the Update button next to any account name:


Click Add New Connection in the Manage Connections window, search for the financial institution, and follow the prompts:


If you have multiple accounts (i.e. checking, savings, credit) under the same login credentials, you’ll be able to link them quickly by selecting the existing connection from the Manage Connections window:


If an account  doesn’t have an Update button, create a new connection with this provider by clicking the pencil icon ✏️ next to the account name (or, if on a mobile device, selecting the account and tap in the corner to edit), selecting Link Account, and then following the prompts after selecting Add New Connection in the next window. 


You may have to rename some of your payees the first time they import with the new provider. To change a payee renaming rule, all you need to do is edit the payee again – which creates a new rule. The next time you import a transaction with the same original payee, it will be renamed according to the new rule.

Once you edit a payee, though, YNAB will remember that and automatically rename it for you the next time that same payee imports! 

For even more control over payees, check out the Payee Management feature in the web app.

Having trouble after updating?

Check out our troubleshooting article, but whatever you do, don't let it stop you from budgeting! Enter your transactions (in the mobile app when you're on-the-go) or try File-Based Import on the web app. It's as simple as dragging and dropping a file into YNAB.

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