Colors in your Budget on Mobile

You’re probably used to seeing green in your budget, but sometimes your Budget categories might be yellow, red, or gray. Each color of the YNAB rainbow is a signal for action. You can also think of them as friendly reminders. 😉

The color of your Available amount signals when action or attention is needed to keep you on track—or just to remind you that you're doing great! Tap on your category, then on Details for the specifics. 

Red: Red means immediate action is needed, because it represents cash overspending. You’ll want to move money to cover that overspending in order to trust your other Available amounts!

Yellow: Yellow is up next, because it means the category is underfunded. Either you haven't budgeted enough for an upcoming transaction or goal, or you’ve overspent on a credit account. 

If it’s credit overspending, you’ll see a yellow alert with a negative number. If you don’t budget more, it will become debt you need to pay off (by budgeting directly to the credit card payment category in a future month). Swipe right to move money from another category.

Green: It’s all good! Your Available amount is positive and enough to cover any upcoming scheduled transactions. If you have a goal for that category—you’re on track!

Gray: If you’re seeing gray, the category is at zero and not underfunded. Remember, if there was an upcoming transaction and or an unmet goal, it would be yellow.

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