Goals 2020: Where are they now?

So you've noticed that the goals in your budget are looking a little different. Don't worry! There's nothing wrong with your budget. We recently updated our goals, and they now have new names, along with new customization options.

If you've found yourself thinking, "But I really liked the 'old' goals," you're not alone, and we have good news! All of the goals that you know and love are still in your budget, they just have new names (along with some extra—optional—features!) 

Here's a quick snapshot of what the old goals look like now:

  • Plan Your Spending: Monthly = Needed For Spending: Monthly
  • Plan Your Spending: By Date = Needed For Spending: By Date
  • Build Your Savings: Target Balance = Target Savings Balance
  • Build Your Savings: Monthly Contribution = Monthly Savings Builder

Plan Your Spending = Needed For Spending

Plan Your Spending goals are now called Needed For Spending. These allow you to set a target amount that YNAB will prompt you to budget, and you can spend up to that amount without becoming underfunded. 

The goal edit menu shows a $250 Needed for Spending goal, set to occur monthly, at the end of each month.


The "old"  Monthly goal is now the Monthly selection under Needed For Spending.  As an added bonus, you can now choose on which day of the month you would like to have this goal funded by choosing from the Every selection bar. If you don't spend all of your funds in a given month, the leftover amount will contribute to next month's goal...when the new month arrives.

By Date

The former  By Date goal is now the By Date selection under Needed for Spending. With the new By Date goal, you can now choose if you would like it to repeat every given number of months, up to 2 years. So, you can make those quarterly payment goals repeat automatically if you'd like!

✨ New: Weekly

In the Needed For Spending goal, you'll see a Weekly option. This is a brand new option where you can choose to set a Weekly goal; you will be prompted to budget your target amount weekly, and spend up to that amount without becoming underfunded. You can even choose which day of the week you would like your Weekly goal to be funded by!

For more information on weekly goals, check out the web and mobile articles!

Build Your Savings = Target Savings Balance, Monthly Savings Builder

Build Your Savings goals are now Target Savings Balance and Monthly Savings Builder. These goals allow you to set a target amount that you would like to save and will prompt you to budget funds regularly in order to meet your goal. 

In the Goal Type menu, two types are highlighted - Target Savings Balance and Monthly Savings Builder.

Target Savings Balance

What was once a  Target Balance goal is now Target Savings Balance, and they work exactly the same! You can set a target amount that you would like to have available in a category and (optionally) set a target date. If you choose a date by which to have the funds available, you'll be prompted to budget a certain amount each month in order to meet your goal on time. If you spend from this goal, or if you don't budget enough in a month, you'll be asked to budget more in the following months.

Monthly Savings Builder

The  Monthly Contribution goal is now Monthly Savings Builder, and—you guessed it—there is no difference in how it works! This goal allows you to set an amount that you would like to budget each month. If you spend from this goal, it won't become underfunded, but you will always be prompted to budget that same amount each month regardless of any spending or leftover funds from the previous month. 

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