Editing and Deleting Transactions

After transactions have imported or you've entered them, you're not stuck with them—if they're not accurate, you can edit or delete them.

Just remember to get them to reconcile with what's really going on at the bank!

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How to Edit Transactions

Click on a transaction once to select it, then again to edit it.

You can then click on any field to edit it: Date, Payee, Category, Memo, Outflow, or Inflow.

How to Duplicate Transactions

Ever wished you could duplicate your daily coffee or transit transaction for fast and easy entry? To do just that, select a transaction, choose the Duplicate option in the Edit menu, and then adjust the date as necessary:

How to Delete Transactions

To delete a transaction, click on it, and then click Edit, and Delete:

Or, use the Keyboard Shortcut! Click on the transaction, then tap the Delete or Backspace key on the keyboard.

What does deleting transactions do?

When you delete a transaction, it's gone, like it never existed. It no longer affects your account balance or the budget.

You can undo, though—if you delete a transaction and realize you want to keep it, click the Undo button. Please note, though, that it will only work before you refresh your browser or log out.

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