Editing and Deleting Scheduled Transactions on Mobile

Things change, and your Scheduled Transactions can, too! Even if they're repeating.

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Viewing Scheduled Transactions

To find your future-dated transactions:

Tap on Accounts
Tap on one account to view only transactions in that account, or tap on All Accounts to view all transactions.
Tap on "Scheduled" to reveal them. 

Scheduled Transactions are in grey at the top of the register:

Editing Scheduled Transactions

To edit Scheduled Transactions, tap on the transaction, change the details, and tap Save.

Repeating Transactions

If a Scheduled Transaction is set to repeat, then you can edit all transactions in that repeating series by editing the Scheduled Transaction in grey at the top of the register. Editing the bold transaction (not in grey) will not affect the future transactions in that series.

For example, if today is June 15 and I paid rent on June 1, I'll have a bold rent transaction dated June 1 in my account register. If I have a repeating Scheduled Transaction, I'll also see a grey transaction dated July 1 for the same amount. I can tap on the grey transaction to edit all future rent transactions.

Editing the grey Scheduled Transaction will change all future instances, but not past ones that have already entered into your budget. 

Enter a Future Transaction Now

If a Scheduled Transaction happens earlier than you were expecting, but you need future transactions to stay on the original schedule, you can enter only the next transaction now. Select the transaction to view it and tap Enter Now in the top right corner. The single transaction will drop into your register with today's date. 

Deleting Scheduled Transactions

You can also delete all future instances of a Scheduled Transaction by selecting the grey transaction and tapping More, then Delete. 

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