Editing and Deleting Transactions on Mobile

Once you have transactions in your register (whether they were imported or you've entered them yourself), you're not stuck with them—you can edit or delete them to make sure they always match what's going on at the bank!

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How to Edit Transactions

Tap on a transaction to bring up the Edit screen.

You can then tap on any field to edit it: Payee, Category, Account, Date, or Repeat. Yes, you can change the account the transaction is in, from right there in the transaction!

You can also select the transaction and approve, categorize, delete, clear or unclear, match, or move the transaction to another account, without even opening the Edit screen! Just select the transaction, and choose the needed option along the bottom. You can edit multiple transactions at once, too!

How to Delete Transactions

To delete a transaction, tap it, and then tap Delete Transaction in the Edit screen. 

If you're using an iPhone, you can just swipe the transaction to the left:

When you delete a transaction, it's like it never existed. It no longer affects your account balance or the budget.

If you accidentally delete a transaction and realize you need it back, you can enter it again.

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