Editing and Deleting Transactions on Mobile

Once you have transactions in your register (whether they were imported or you've entered them yourself), you're not stuck with them—you can edit or delete them to make sure they always match what's going on at the bank!

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How to Edit Transaction Details

  1. Tap on a transaction to bring up the Edit screen. 
  2. You can then tap on any field to edit it: the amount itself, Inflow/Outflow, Payee, Category, Account, Date, Cleared state, Flag, Memo, or Repeat. You can even change the account the transaction is in, from right there in the transaction!
  3. Tap Save. 

Sometimes, maybe the details of the transactions are correct, but you need to take certain actions with them, such as approving, categorizing, or even moving. Read on!

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How to Take Actions With Transactions

  1. Instead of tapping on the transaction to edit it, go ahead and select the transaction by tapping the little circle to the left of it. 
  2. This will allow you to approve, categorize, delete, clear or unclear, match, or move the transaction to another account, without even opening the Edit screen! Selecting the transaction gives you a variety of different action options along the bottom toolbar (including the More button which opens up another pop-up with even more options).  
  3. You can select multiple transactions to make bulk edits all at once, too!
  4. tap to the left of transactions in the account register to bulk select them. Tap More at the bottom and select an edit option

Shortcut alert: If you're using an iPhone, you can access the options menu for a single transaction by long-pressing the transaction!

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How to Duplicate Transactions (iOS only)

Ever wished you could duplicate your daily coffee or transit transaction for fast and easy entry? You can!

  1. Select a transaction (or multiple — just make sure only the ones you wish to duplicate are selected). 
  2. Tap the More button in the bottom corner. 
  3. Choose the Duplicate option in the menu. 
  4. Adjust the date as necessary on the newly duplicated transactions. 

Shortcut Reminder: If you're using an iPhone, you can access the options menu for a single transaction by just long-pressing a transaction!

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How to Delete Transactions

  1. If you're using an iPhone, swipe the transaction to the left in the register. (if you're not on a iPhone, skip to step four). 
  2. Tap Delete.
  3. Confirm that this is correct on the pop-up window by tapping Delete again. You're done!
  4. Non-iPhone users: To delete a transaction, tap on it to open the Edit window. 
  5. Tap Delete at the bottom of the Transaction Edit screen. If you've been editing this transaction, you'll need to first tap Save in the Edit window before you'll see the Delete option. 

When you delete a transaction, it's like it never existed. It no longer affects your account balance or the budget.

If you accidentally delete a transaction and realize you need it back, you can enter it again.

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