Managing Notifications

Whether you'd like to receive notifications, or not, you're in control. Here's a deep dive into what notifications we send and how to manage them! 

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Types of Notifications

If you have notifications turned on, there are a few situations where you’ll hear from us with an app or badge notification. An app notification alerts you on your phone to open up your budget, a badge notification is a prompt within your budget to take action. 

  1. There’s something to take care of in your budget - You’ll receive a notification if there’s something in your budget that’s worthy of your attention:
    1. Are there new transactions ready to import?
    2. Do those transactions need to be approved or categorized?
    3. Did that latest transaction cause cash overspending in your budget?
    4. Are there steps to be taken to connect your accounts?
  2. You’ve reached out to our friendly Support Specialists and they’ve just repliedIf you reached out to us from within the app, rather than have you sitting in the app waiting, you'll be notified when you've received a response.
  3. We have a message for you - Occasionally, we use notifications to let you know about things that are on our minds. This could be to tell you that your trial is expiring or to encourage you to keep budgeting.

Turning App Notifications on (or off)

You've set up your budget and want to make sure you don't miss a thing! Here's how to make sure you have app notifications turned on. Or, if you're entering zen mode and would rather not be disturbed. Either way, we've got your back.

If you're using an iPhone or iPad

The easiest way to manage your notification preferences is from within your budget. Tap the More Menu (the three dots icon), Settings, and then Notifications. 

The More button is in the top left of the screen on an iPhone. The Notifications button is near the bottom of the Settings menu.

If you’ve never turned on notifications for this device, you'll be prompted to enable them. If you’ve turned them on or off previously and would like to rethink that decision, here’s how you can change that:


Tap the More Menu in your budget.


Tap Notifications.


Tap Notifications again.


Toggle the Allow Notifications switch on/off

More granular controls—such as disabling the Badge App Icon—are also available there.

If you're using an Android device

Notifications on Android are controlled in the system settings, but if you're on a newer device ( Android 8.0, 9.0 or 10.0), you don't need to go hunting through menus to get the job done.


Longpress YNAB app icon until a menu pops up.


Tap on ⓘ App Info


Tap Notifications

Toggle Show notifications switch on/off

If your device supports it, you can also control what type of notifications you'd like to receive and if you'd like to see a notification dot on your home screen.

Badge Notifications

Even if you don't want to be interrupted by notifications to your phone, once you open the YNAB app, you'll still be able to see all of the information you need to keep your budget in order:

  • Transactions could be ready to import.
  • Categories might have overspending.
  • Transactions may need to be approved/categorized.
  • Your accounts may need to be updated for Direct Import (Look out for the gray “Update” badge on accounts.)
  • We may be asking for permission to use in-app notifications

Within the app, you'll see a red dot indicating how many notifications you have. It'll look something like this:

In the bottom left corner, there are red notification badges on the Budget and Account tabs.

To clear those notifications, simply click on the appropriate tab. Then, at the top of the screen, you'll see a banner. Click on that, and follow the prompts.

I'm using an iPhone/iPad and not seeing notifications

Have you checked that your notifications are turned on, but they're still missing in action? It can be due to how the iOS device itself functions, and your settings. In short, your iOS device limits the resources it allocates to apps that are running in the background, and may be preventing notifications from coming through.

Here are some things to check:

  • Do you frequently force quit the YNAB app after using it? It's no longer considered best practice to do this with apps on either Android or iOS. If that is something you habitually do, try leaving the YNAB app running in the background after you use it. Not only will it help with notifications, but also ensure that your Budget syncs correctly!
  • In the Settings app, check that Low Data mode is off. Here's how to do that: Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Low Data Mode - must be off
  • In the Settings app, check that Low Power mode is off. Here's how to do that: Battery > Low Power Mode - must be off
  • Follow these steps to make sure that Notifications are turned on
  • You'll also want to make sure you've given the YNAB app permission to refresh in the background. Here's how to do that: Tap the gear icon in your budget > Tap Notifications > Background App Refresh - must be on

If you've tried the tips above and aren't seeing improvements, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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