Keeping your Budget Accurate on Mobile

You can trust your budget when three things are true:

  • Your account balances in YNAB agree with your bank
  • Your Ready to Assign is positive or at $0
  • There are no negative Available categories in your budget

So how do you build that trust and maintain it? It all comes down to a budget routine.  

How to Build a Budget Routine

Here are three steps you can take daily (or every time you hop into your budget) to keep it accurate and trustworthy:

  1. Check your accounts: Enter or import any new transactions and reconcile your accounts. Actually tapping the reconcile button is important — don't skip that step!
  2. Review your categories: Cover overspending, and look ahead to see if you’re funded for everything coming up. Don’t be afraid to move money if you need to. 
  3. Double check your Credit Card Payment categories: You want to make sure you have enough set aside for your next payment. Wondering how much to pay? We’ve got your back.

Worried that the dollars in your budget aren't matching the dollars in your accounts? Head over to the web app and perform a budget audit!

Building these habits into your everyday routine will have your budget running smoothly. Set an alarm, or pair it up with a habit you already have, such as budgeting over your morning cup of joe. To see this in action, check out this blog post!

We know that actively managing your budget may be a more hands-on process than you were expecting at first—but it is fast, and absolutely worth it. There’s a reason YNAB works so well—and it has everything to do with engaging with your budget regularly. 

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