Weekly Goals on Mobile

Are you paid weekly? Perhaps you prefer to budget for your grocery run each week? Or maybe you’re trying to cut back your morning drive-thru spending to $10 a week (some mornings you just need a caramel macchiato, right)? Weekly goals are here to help!

With a Weekly goal, you can spend up to the target amount without being prompted to budget more.

A Weekly Goal can be set from the Needed For Spending goal option, and you can even choose which day you would like your week to rollover.

Goal Progress

To see your goal progress, tap the category name followed by Details. You’ll see your goal progress broken into the number of weeks in the current month.

As you go through the month, the progress will still show as yellow—underfunded—even if you’ve budgeted enough to meet the current week’s goal. You’ll notice that even if you’ve budgeted enough to meet your weekly goal, the progress will still show as yellow; underfunded.

This is because the weekly goal will continue to prompt you to budget until all weeks in the month are funded.

The number of weeks, and how much you’re asked to budget for the full month, can change based on how many times the selected day of the week occurs in the given month.

Underfunded and Goal Target

When using the Quick Budget options for the weekly goal, you can choose either Underfunded or Goal Target. The key difference between the Underfunded and the Goal Target is the information they provide:

  • Underfunded shows you how much more is needed to fund all weekly goals in the current month.
  • Goal Target shows you the total of weekly goals for the current month.

Tapping both options will have the same result: they will fund all weeks in the current month.

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