Weekly Targets on Mobile

Are you paid weekly? Perhaps you prefer to budget for your grocery run each week, rather than once a month? Or maybe you’re trying to cut back your morning drive-thru spending to $10 a week (some mornings you just need a caramel macchiato, right)? Weekly Targets are here to help!

A Weekly Target is part of the Needed for Spending Target family. With this type of target, you can even choose which day you would like your week to rollover.

Tapping the category, then Details, then Edit Target, shows different Target options

Target Progress

To see your progress, tap the category name followed by Details. You’ll see your progress broken into the number of weeks in the current month. You can also see your progress for all your categories with a glance in the budget tab, if you have Progress Bars toggled on.

As you go through the month, the progress will still show as yellow—underfunded—even if you’ve assigned enough to the category to meet the current week’s target. 

This is because the weekly target will continue to prompt you to budget until all weeks in the month are funded.

Target details show $50 has been assigned the first two weeks and $100 more will be needed for the next two weeksthe full $200 for the month has been assigned to the category and the target now shows greenThe number of weeks, and how much you’re asked to budget for the full month, can change based on how many times the selected day of the week occurs in the given month.

Underfunded and Weekly Targets

You can use the Underfunded or Auto-Assign buttons to quickly fund your weekly target in full for the month. Tap on the category, then tap the Auto-Assign or Underfunded to fund that category in full based on the target amount.

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