Credit Card Rewards and Statement Credits on Mobile

If you're the proud recipient of a hard-earned cash back reward or a statement credit, you may be wondering how to categorize it on mobile. 

It's an inflow, so we'll default to categorizing it that way by choosing Inflow: Ready to Assign.

In the credit card account register, a $5 inflow is categorized as Inflow: Ready to Assign. Since it's an inflow to a credit card account, though, you won't see Ready to Assign increase—unless it created a positive balance on the card. It simply reduces the balance owed on that card. This accurately reflects what happened in your account: the credit is applied, and now you owe less money.

If you're working to pay down debt, you're that much closer now!

But what if you had already budgeted for the entire balance on the card? Let's say you owed $75 before receiving a cash back reward for $5—and you already had the full $75 set aside in your Credit Card Payment category. Now you only owe $70 on that card.

The working balance on the credit card account is $70 and there is $75 available in the Credit Card Payment category.

You have $5 in your Credit Card Payment category you can move to any other category of your choice.

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