Notes on Mobile

You can add notes to your budget categories from the mobile app. To do that, tap the category then tap Details. You’ll see a section to enter a note there.

After tapping a category name then tapping details, the Notes section is at the very bottom of the screen

If you want to add a month note, you can do that from the web app!

Account notes are available for iOS devices but aren't currently available on Android. On iOS tap the account name, tap the More button (three dots), Edit Account, and enter in a note!

On ios tapping the more menu in the top corner, then edit account shows a note option for the account selected”></p><section class=

Note about Line Breaks 🎼

There isn’t a way to enter line breaks directly in the mobile app. In the iOS app, you can copy multiple lines of text from another app and paste it into the Notes section of a category and the line breaks will remain!

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