Colors and Icons in Your Account Register on Mobile

We’ve gone over the colors and icons you’ll see in your budget. Now let’s tackle what may come up in your Account Register!

Colors – Attention Needed

Yellow: If there’s a transaction in your account register without a category, it will have a yellow tint to it. These transactions are a bit more pressing than those that only need to be approved, because YNAB is missing necessary details to keep your budget accurate. Was that spending from your Dining Out category? Was it a True Expense? YNAB needs to know in order to properly update your categories and budget.

Blue: You’ll see blue in your account register in a few different places, but it always means the same thing: this item needs to be approved. This may be a newly imported transaction, a newly matched transaction, or the banner that filters for any transactions needing your attention.

Gray: Gray represents a transaction that isn't affecting your budget yet. 

  • Scheduled Transactions appear at the top of your account register in gray, since they haven’t taken place yet. On the day they’re scheduled to take place, they’ll no longer be outlined in gray, but the Cleared icon (‘c’) will be grayed out until you clear it by tapping the transaction and then tapping the Cleared toggle—or a matching transaction imports from your financial institution.
  • Below any Scheduled Transactions, if you use Direct Import, there may be Pending Transactions also in gray. These will move into the account register when the bank updates them as no longer pending, if you edit them, or if you click on Enter Now. On Android, pending transactions will be a read-only look into what’s coming and won’t impact your budget until they clear the bank (don’t worry, there will be feature parity in the future for pending transactions). 

Going through your accounts daily and checking for transactions that need your attention is critical to making your budget work for you. Here's how to actively manage your budget for the best results!

Icons - What They Mean

There are a couple of different icons that will appear in your account register. What do they mean?

Matching Icon (link): YNAB has seen this transaction before! If you enter a transaction and it later imports from your bank, YNAB will automatically match the two entries for you. Tap on the transaction to approve the match—or reject it if the match was made incorrectly.

Lock Icon: This transaction has been reconciled—it was marked as cleared before the last time you went through the reconciliation process from a computer. The lock is helpful because it lets you know which transactions you have already checked and found to be correct. If there is ever a discrepancy in your account balance, you can focus on the transactions that don't yet have that lock icon.

Cleared Icon (c): Marking a transaction as ‘cleared’ means it has posted to your bank account. When you enter a transaction, it will default to uncleared (a gray version of the icon). 

To clear the transaction manually, tap the transaction to edit it, then tap the Cleared toggle, like this:

Toggle to clear or unclear a transaction

Looking for  Colors and Icons in your Account Register for web? Check out our Help Doc here.

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