Colors and Icons in Your Account Register on Mobile

There are different colors and icons in your account register that you will see. Each one indicates the status of a transaction and action you may need to take.

Account register with various icons, colors, and transactions in different states (pending, cleared, matched, linked)


Yellow: If there’s a transaction in your account register that needs a category, it will be yellow. These transactions are more pressing than those that only need to be approved, because YNAB needs to know the category in order to update the budget. In the image above, we see the Amazon transaction with a yellow bar on the left side, and yellow text saying "Category Needed". 

Blue: You’ll see blue in your account register in a few different places, and it always means the same thing—this item needs to be approved. In the image above, there are blue bars by the Venmo and Betterment transactions. Both need to be approved. 

Gray: This color is specifically for items that haven’t cleared your account yet. 

  • Scheduled Transactions appear at the top of your account register in gray, since they haven’t happened yet. The Internet Service Provider transaction in the image above shows how these Scheduled Transactions will appear. 
  • If you use Direct Import, there may also be Pending Transactions in gray. These will move into the account register when the bank updates them as no longer pending, if you edit them, or if you click on Enter Now. 


Cleared Icon: Marking a transaction as cleared (green "C") means it has posted to your bank account. When you manually enter a transaction, it will default to uncleared (grey "C"). To clear a transaction, tap the transaction to edit it, then tap the Cleared toggle.

two circles with a white 'c' in the center. One is grey, the other is green

Link Icon: YNAB has seen this transaction before! If you enter a transaction and it later imports from your bank, YNAB will automatically match the two entries for you. Tap on the transaction to approve the match—or reject it if the match was made incorrectly. 

a small chain link

Lock Icon: This transaction has been reconciled. The lock is helpful because it lets you know which transactions you have already checked. If there is ever a discrepancy in your account balance, you can focus on the transactions that don't yet have the lock icon.

a green lock

Clock Icon: The clock icon indicates a Pending Transaction that has been edited or entered into the register. Once that transaction clears at your bank, it will import as normal and you'll be prompted to approve it.

gray clock icon

Are you on the web app, instead? Learn more about those colors and icons with our Colors and Icons in Your Account Register article. 

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