Balance Transfers on Mobile

In the mobile app, when you make a transfer from one credit card to another, that's what we call a Balance Transfer. You might be paying off multiple cards to consolidate to one, or playing the zero-interest game. Whatever the reason, there are a couple of steps to handle this in YNAB.

These steps will assure your accounts and budget are accurate after the balance transfer.

Making a Balance Transfer


If the new credit card isn't in YNAB yet, add it as a new account. If you're transferring the balance to an existing credit card in YNAB, skip this.


Transfer money between accounts–this will be an inflow in the old account and an outflow in the new account which is taking on the new balance.

In the New Credit Card account, an outflow of $1200 has a payee of Transfer: Old Credit Card.


 Check the budget and move money between the Credit Card Payment categories. 

Tap the Old Credit Card Payment category and tap Move Money to move money to the New Credit Card Payment category.


Close the old account (don't delete it!) and hide the old Credit Card Payment category. 

That's it! You've successfully transferred the balance between credit cards. Go you!

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