Have you moved money from one physical (you know, real-world) account to another and need to reflect that in YNAB? No problem. How your transfer is recorded depends on how those real-world accounts are set up in YNAB.

Recording a transfer

If you've made a transfer between real-world accounts and both of those accounts are set up in YNAB, you’ll be making a transfer in the app.

Select the account that the money is leaving.
Click Add a transaction.
In the Payee field, transfer options are automatically listed at the top of the drop-down menu. Select the one your money is moving to.
If the destination account is another budget account, there's no category needed. (You’re just moving money from one place to another.) If the destination account is a tracking account, you’ll need to categorize this transaction.
Enter the outflow amount.

That’s it! The transfer will automatically show up in both accounts.

When is a transfer not a transfer?

When getting ready to enter a transfer, ask yourself first, are both of these accounts set up in YNAB? If they’re not, this won’t be a transfer in the app. So what is it exactly?

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