Deleting a Budget on Mobile

Have a budget that you no longer need? Deleting your old budgets is a breeze. To delete a budget from the mobile app, you'll need to open it first.

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Customize the name of your Budget to easily tell them apart. That way, you're confident the correct one is removed!

How to Delete a Budget

  1. Tap the More Menu (three dots icon) to access Settings (top left iOS, top right Android)
  2. Tap Open Budget
  3. Select the budget you'd like to delete to open it
  4. Tap the More Menu (three dots icon) one more time
  5. Select Settings, and then Budget Settings
  6. Tap Delete Budget at the very bottom of the screen
  7. After tapping Delete Budget, a final confirmation window will pop up. If you're 100% sure you'd like to continue, confirm by tapping Delete in that pop-up window (or tap Cancel to return to the Budget Settings)

Your budget data syncs between web and mobile. Deleting the budget here removes it from the web app as well. 

Remove the wrong one? Never fear! If you accidentally delete the wrong budget, send us a message and we can help. We'll need you to enable Support Access in order to restore a deleted budget.

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