Using the Calculator on Mobile

There’s no need to open an external calculator when assigning money to your categories—you can do addition or subtraction right there, inline!

Want to add a little extra to your grocery category this month? When you select a category, keep an eye out for the math symbols! A number pad will appear with minus (-), plus (+), and equal (=) options on the right to tailor your Assigned amount to your heart's content. 

Tap the symbols to add or subtract, enter the amount, and you'll see a preview of the calculation you've entered appear in the category Assigned column. 

To see the impact on the Assigned column, tap equal.

You can cancel the change by selecting X in the bottom left of the number pad. To proceed with the change, make sure to save the changes by tapping the blue checkmark and your Budget will update! 

On iOS only, you'll also see these symbols when Adding Transactions, though keep in mind the calculator works only on a single line, so you'll still need to calculate split transactions separately.

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